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Salon DeMatteo Gift Certificates


Salon DeMatteo Gift Card Q&A:

Q: Where can you purchase Salon DeMatteo Gift Cards?
A: Salon DeMatteo Gift Cards are available for purchase during normal business hours either in-salon or over the phone.

*If calling over the phone to purchase a gift card please have ready a credit card number, name and mailing address for the recipient. *

Q: What’s included with a Salon DeMatteo Gift Card?
A: We offer a physical gift card upon purchase as well as an electronic record for both the recipient and purchaser. We offer gift cards for both retail and in-salon services.

Q: Are there any restrictions when purchasing a Salon DeMatteo Gift Card?
A: We want to make it as easy as possible so there is only one restriction, you can not add gratuity on-to any Salon DeMatteo Gift Card.

*Salon DeMatteo has a strict cash or check gratuity policy, we cannot add onto any credit card payment*